It's so shit, in fact, that I am hacking together this webpage out of the husk of my home page.

Look, the font, gg sans, that Discord has now is very bad. It looks bad, it's hard to read, especially if you're dyslexic or have astigmatism, which I have both! Even without that, though, it is just an eyestrain-inducing mess. And to top it all off, it also seems to have included the Japanese character ツ, and only that character, for the purposes of emoticons, thus making reading anything written in katakana an especially unpleasant experience. Which is among the stupidest instances of tech-company imperialistic bullshit I've ever seen.

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Based on Kavita Poduri's copost, I have made a userstyle that you can install into BetterDiscord to replace it with a better font. All it does is change the font families to not use gg sans and instead use Whitney, which is apparently what Discord used before, according to Cohost user Kaylee Rowena. Failing that, it will use Frutiger, which is a somewhat similar (and very popular font), although you are unlikely to have it. And failing that, it will use Noto Sans, which is bundled with Discord as a fall-back font already, and is otherwise available on Google Fonts for free.


The file is hosted on this site, it's just a CSS file that you should be able to open in any plaintext editor and verify that everything is above board. On BetterDiscord, all you have to do to install it is open User Settings, scroll to Themes, click on it, then click "Open Themes Folder," and drop the CSS file inside, then enabled it in Discord. If you're using some other Discord-client-hack, I have no idea if the theme will work at all, but hopefully it will!