Hi, I'm Pastell.

I'm , I live in Florida, USA, and . I'm a non-binary trans girl, queer lesbian, and my pronouns are they/she. I'm disabled, autistic, and I have ADHD.

I mostly hang out on Cohost these days, although I have in the past been very prolific on Twitter. This site is an expression of my love for Web 1.0, an internet I never saw, and my part in the fight for a better web. On Itch, I publish my work in videogames, interactive fiction, and whatever else I want to share with the world.

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Bookbinding, DIY electronics, open hardware, open software, synthesizers, guitar, woodworking, construction, interior design, linguistics, Toki Pona, architecture, Web 1.0, retro technology, sex education, physical media, death positivity, 3D printing, small-scale independent manufacturing, medicine, videogames as art, urban design, tabletop games, photography, sewing, clothesmaking, community self-sufficiency, film, film-making, and embroidery.

This list is by no means exhaustive and will probably be added to.


I live on the unceded land of the Tocobaga, Calusa, Mascogo, Seminole, and Miccosukee tribes. Land Back!

This site is hosted on Neocities. The layout and theme is my own, but it was based on the Zonelets theme, Fingerless Gloves. The internet, and all of computing history, is built on the shoulders of giants.