My projects are in the Bundle for Ukraine

8 March 2022

My projects are in the Bundle for Ukraine

i hurt myself, as well as Drinking & Intoxication for 5e, are in the Bundle for Ukraine. The bundle will be live until March 18th, 2022. It contains 991 works for a $10 minimum donation, all proceeds of which will be donated to organizations working to get aid and relief to citizens of Ukraine.

As with the Racial Justice Bundle and the Palestinian Aid Bundle, has updated its index to include all of the games in the bundle to make it easier to sort through.

All of my projects are usually free, however, I've marked both participating projects up to $10 dollars--the same price as the bundle--to encourage anyone interested in my projects to purchase the bundle instead. Both projects will remain at $10 dollars until the end of April 2022, well after the Bundle for Ukraine concludes, so it's even more unlikely for someone to just wait out the price hike.

Godspeed, Ukraine.